Business Consulting & Planning


  • Is the business you are buying profitable?
  • Can you rely on the financial statements for your analysis?
  • Do you know how to analyse and evaluate the financial statements to look for those hidden items?
  • What is the trend of the industry and how does the cash flow and ratio analysis compare to its peer group?
  • Perform feasibility studies, cash flow analysis, strategic planning, trouble shooting, and turn around situations

Valuations of existing business can be a very tricky endeavour. There are four popular methods of valuation for purchasing purposes: (1) net worth; (2) market value of assets; (3) capitalization of earnings; and (4) available tax loss.

We shall also, if necessary, introduce you to government agencies: Enterprise Development Programme; Export Development Corporation; Industrial Cooperation Programme; Machinery Programme; Federal Business Development Bank; Small Business Loans; Industrial Research Assistance Programme etc.

We shall assist you with preparing a businees plan and to possibly secure business loans

Individuals seeking up to $50,000 can be approved based on a personal guarantee only (no collateral will be required; neither will any company financial statements for existing business, or cash flow projection for new start-up business be needed). Those seeking $50,001 and above will need to present their financial statements and cash flow projection.

MoneyWI$E Financial Inc. consulting fees are at least $1,000 to prepare a fully comprehensive business plan. We shall also, in selective cases, entertain accepting equity ownership in the company in lieu of fees.

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